A Shared Experience

The Bandwagon Mobile Cigar Lounge, the first of its kind in Buffalo. Locally owned and operated!

The Bandwagon Mobile Cigar Lounge is synonymous with hobby smoking in a comfortable space.

Whether you're a first time cigar smoker, an occasional aficionado, or an expert lover of the leaf, The Bandwagon Mobile Cigar Lounge is your home.

The Bandwagon Mobile Cigar Lounge is a cigar lounge for everyone. No one will pass judgement on what you choose to smoke.

Additionally, no longer will snow, rain, wind, heat, or sleet be a worry! You are protected from the elements on The Bandwagon!
Perfect for the quietest of neighborhoods, bachelor parties, fantasy drafts, reunions, guys nights, wedding receptions, and special events!

My Story:

The goal of The Bandwagon is to share the tobacco smoking hobby with others in a comfortable space. Going from a casual smoker, to a regular smoker, and now a true lover of smoking cigars, I enjoy sharing this passion with others.

I wanted to open a regular old, run of the mill, cigar shop. This spring, my neighbor was in Cleveland for a hockey tournament and sent me a picture of an outdoor smoking lounge being run out of utility trailer. That sparked an idea. Why do an outdoor lounge? In Buffalo? You can only do it the few months of the year when it is not snowing, raining, buggy, etc. Why couldn't this be done out of a travel trailer? A quick search on the Google let me know that this is not something that is done in the northeast. Sure, more temperate climates have mobile lounges, why couldn't this be done here? Travel Trailers have heat, air conditioning, a bathroom!!

Talking with neighbors, and floating the idea amongst many people, this seemed like an idea that could have legs. 6 months of research, phone calls, spit-balling, doubting led to; The Bandwagon Mobile Cigar Lounge, the first of it's kind in Buffalo. 

-Byron McKinney